High Bay Lights

<p>Wattage - 110W</p> <p>Voltage - 120-277V</p> <p>Lumens - 15,500</p> <p>Suitable for Damp Areas</p> <p>Colour Temperature - 5700K</p> <p>UL Certified&nbsp;</p> <p>Warranty 5 Years&nbsp;</p> <p>12 x 24 inches approximately - can be hung with the included chain and brackets or simply mounted to a box. Excellent for shops, garages, or storage areas where the ceilings are too low for a traditional High Bay. DLC Premium certified. When planning an installation a footprint on the floor at double the mounted height is a good guideline for how many you might need.&nbsp;</p>


<p>Wattage - 300 Watts&nbsp;</p> <p>Lumen - 43,000</p> <p>Colour Temperature - 5700K&nbsp;</p> <p>Voltage - 120-277&nbsp;</p> <p>Viewing Angle - 100 Degrees&nbsp;</p> <p>Warranty - 5 Years&nbsp;</p>


<p>Wattage - 150W</p> <p>Voltage - 100-277V</p> <p>Lumens - 24,750</p> <p>IP 66 Rated&nbsp;</p> <p>Colour Temperature - 5700K</p> <p>UL Certified&nbsp;</p> <p>Warranty 5 Years&nbsp;</p>


<p>Wattage - 130 Watts</p> <p>Lumens - 17,600</p> <p>Waterproof Rating - IP64&nbsp;</p> <p>UL Certified&nbsp;</p> <p>12 Foot Long Plug In Cord&nbsp;</p> <p>Application - Construction Sites, Commercial/Residential Renovations, Shop Lighting&nbsp;</p> <p>360 Degree Light Spread</p> <p>Warranty - 5 Years</p>