About Us

You can read all about our history and who we are on our primary website www.smartenergyalternates.ca. Our online store, LEDEdmonton.com, has been developed to allow us to better serve the smaller communities and Northern, more remote areas of our great nation. Our goal since we opened our business and showroom in 2015 has been to ensure we have a variety of different types of bulbs, fixtures and top quality products, provided with an excellent level of service, that is stock when you need it. Obviously as we grow and unexpectedly get larger orders we do run out of some items, but please know that if we are out of whatever you are wanting it has already been ordered and should be in transit.

Our buyers, who are also our partners in business, visit the factories we buy from personally to inspect the facilities and negotiate our pricing. Further visits take place during the manufacturing phase to ensure requested product specifications are being adhered to. We ship the product here by sea and sell direct to our customers from our showrooms and our online store. With our direct contact with manufacturers, the combined buying power of our US partners and nobody at all in between us and the factory, we can promise the very best in pricing. Nobody will beat us with pricing on a same quality LED product of any kind!

Save Money & Energy with Quality LED Lights