Wall Packs: 120W Adjustable Wall Pack

120W Adjustable Wall Pack 829903002528

120W Adjustable Wall Pack

Product Type: Adjustable Wall Pack
Wattage: 120 Watts
Color Temperature: 5000 Kelvin (K)
Lumens: 16,800 Lumens
Warranty: 5-Year Warranty

Certification: UL & CSA

Voltage: 100-277V

Key Features:

  1. High Intensity Lighting: The 120W Adjustable Wall Pack is designed to provide intense illumination, delivering an impressive 16,800 lumens of light output. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications that require exceptionally bright and evenly distributed lighting, such as building facades, parking lots, or walkways.

  2. Cool White Light: With a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, this wall pack emits a crisp and bright cool white light. This color temperature is excellent for areas where visibility, security, and safety are paramount.

  3. Adjustable Design: The wall pack is equipped with an adjustable fixture, allowing you to direct the light precisely where it's needed. This feature provides flexibility in achieving the desired lighting angle and coverage.

  4. Energy-Efficient: Despite its high wattage, this LED wall pack is energy-efficient, resulting in potential cost savings on electricity bills compared to traditional lighting technologies.

  5. Long-Lasting: LED technology is renowned for its extended lifespan, and this wall pack is designed to operate for thousands of hours, reducing maintenance and replacement frequency.

  6. 5-Year Warranty: The inclusion of a 5-year warranty offers peace of mind, ensuring that the product is backed by the manufacturer for its quality and performance.

  7. Versatile Applications: The combination of high brightness, an adjustable design, and a cool white color temperature makes this Adjustable Wall Pack suitable for various outdoor applications, including security lighting, building perimeter lighting, and illuminating large open spaces.



  • Category: Wall Packs
  • Brand: LED Co.
  • Part #: ROTATE120W

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