FIXTURES: 11 Inch 3CCT 18W Ceiling Light Fixture

11 Inch 3CCT 18W Ceiling Light Fixture 829903001057

11 Inch 3CCT 18W Ceiling Light Fixture

Product Type: Ceiling Light
Diameter: 11 Inches
Wattage: 18 Watts
Lumens: 1,800 Lumens
Color Temperature: Selectable (3000K, 4000K, 5000K - 3CCT)
Certifications: ETL Certified
Warranty: 3-Year Warranty
Voltage: 120V AC

Key Features:

  1. Selectable Color Temperature: This Ceiling Light offers a versatile lighting experience with selectable color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5000K - 3CCT), allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your preferences or specific tasks.

  2. Efficient Illumination: With a power rating of 18 Watts, the ceiling light produces 1,800 lumens, providing ample brightness for various applications while maintaining energy efficiency.

  3. Certified Safety: ETL certification ensures compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards, offering confidence in the product's quality and safety.

  4. Warranty Coverage: The product is backed by a 3-year warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer's commitment to durability and customer satisfaction.

  5. Versatile Design: The 11-inch diameter makes this ceiling light suitable for a variety of spaces, providing flexibility in its use across different settings.

  6. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation, this ceiling light is user-friendly, simplifying the setup process.

  7. Adaptable Lighting Atmosphere: With selectable color temperatures, you can create different lighting atmospheres to suit various occasions or settings.

This 11-Inch Ceiling Light with selectable color temperatures is a practical and adaptable lighting solution suitable for a range of indoor environments.



  • Category: FIXTURES
  • Brand: LED Co.
  • Part #: SEA18W11CCT

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