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Introducing our innovative RGB 50W LED Flood Light with app control, a cutting-edge lighting solution that brings convenience and endless color possibilities to your outdoor spaces. Designed for ease of use and customization, this flood light takes lighting control to a whole new level.

With its powerful 50-watt LED chip, this flood light offers exceptional brightness, illuminating large areas with ease. The energy-efficient LED technology ensures long-lasting performance, saving you energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting options.

The standout feature of our RGB 50W LED Flood Light is its seamless integration with a user-friendly smartphone app. Simply download the accompanying app onto your iOS or Android device, and you'll have full control of your flood light at your fingertips.

The app enables you to unlock a world of color possibilities. Choose from a wide spectrum of colors using the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color mixing feature, allowing you to create your desired ambiance and set the perfect mood for any occasion. Whether you want a soft, warm glow for a cozy evening or a vibrant, dynamic display for a party, the app lets you effortlessly customize the lighting to suit your preferences.

Not only can you control the color, but the app also provides the ability to adjust the brightness, saturation, and even create captivating lighting effects. Choose from pre-programmed effects like color-changing modes, strobe, fade, or create your own personalized sequences to match the rhythm of your favorite music.

Additionally, the app-controlled flood light offers convenient scheduling options. Set timers and automated routines to turn the lights on or off at specific times, ensuring your outdoor spaces are always illuminated when you need them.

Installation is quick and straightforward. The flood light comes with an adjustable mounting bracket that allows for flexible positioning, ensuring optimal light direction and coverage. The robust construction of the flood light guarantees durability and resistance to the elements, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Upgrade your lighting experience with our RGB 50W LED Flood Light with app control. Enjoy the convenience of wireless control, a plethora of color options, and the ability to personalize your lighting with just a few taps on your smartphone. Whether for architectural lighting, landscaping, or creating a captivating atmosphere for events, this flood light is the ultimate choice for versatility and convenience.

Wattage - 50W

Colour Temperature - 3000k-5700k + RGB

Lumens- 4500-5000

Beam Angle - 90x120

App Controlled

Rated Voltage - 100-277V

UL Certified 

App Controlled 

Warranty - 3 Years