Flood Light: RGB 50W FLOOD


Product Type: RGB Flood Light
Wattage: 50 Watts
Selectable Color Temperatures: 2700K-5000K
Lumens: 7,000 Lumens
Warranty: 5-Year Warranty
Certifications: UL & CSA Certified
Voltage: 100-277V
Control: App Controlled

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Color and Temperature Options: The 50W RGB Flood Light provides an array of lighting options, including the choice of color temperatures ranging from warm 2700K to cool 5000K. Additionally, it offers RGB color-changing capabilities, allowing you to select from a wide spectrum of colors for various applications.

  2. High Lumen Output: With 7,000 lumens of light output, this floodlight is designed to offer powerful and customizable lighting, making it suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor settings.

  3. App-Controlled: The RGB Flood Light can be conveniently controlled via a mobile app, providing flexibility to adjust colors, color temperatures, and brightness levels remotely. This feature enhances ease of use and adaptability.

  4. Energy-Efficient: Despite its versatility, this LED floodlight is energy-efficient, potentially reducing electricity costs compared to traditional lighting technologies.

  5. Certified for Safety: The floodlight is UL and CSA certified, assuring compliance with strict safety and performance standards, making it suitable for various environments.

  6. Long Operational Life: LED technology is known for its extended lifespan, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacements.

  7. 5-Year Warranty: The inclusion of a 5-year warranty provides assurance that the product is backed by the manufacturer for quality and performance.

  8. Wide Voltage Range: With a voltage range of 100-277V, this floodlight is compatible with a wide range of electrical systems, providing flexibility for different installation scenarios.

  9. Versatile Applications: The customizable color and temperature options, along with the app control, make this RGB Flood Light suitable for various settings, including architectural lighting, landscape illumination, accent lighting, and event lighting.



  • Category: Flood Light
  • Brand: LED Co.
  • Part #: RGB50WFL

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